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Transformers Ride Coming to Universal Studios Hollywood 

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It's Not Open Yet!:

The Transformers attraction is expected to open at Universal Studios Hollywood in spring 2012.


Transformers will be located in the buildings that previously housed the Backdraft and the Special Effects Soundstages attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Concept for the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood:

Universal has not released a lot of details, but it will be a dark ride (ride-through attraction) with 3-D, high-definition projected images, 4-D sensory and special effects, and large-scale animatronic characters.

More Transformers Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood Info:

Transformers Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood Overview:

The blockbuster film and toy franchise, Transformers, would seem to be ideally suited for a theme park attraction. It's flashy, it's part of the cultural zeitgeist, it's larger than life, and...it's GIANT ROBOTS! THAT CAN TRANSFORM! The Transformers oeuvre demands an over-the-top attraction--the kind that Universal Studios, home of Terminator 2:3-D, Jurassic Park-The Ride, and Revenge of the Mummy, is more than capable of delivering. While Universal hasn't revealed all of the specifics, it appears that Transformers may take its inspiration from The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, the incredible ride located at the Universal parks in Orlando and Japan. Spider-Man, which gets my nod as one of the best attractions anywhere, combines a roving motion-base simulator vehicle with 3-D projected images and wild special effects. It is so immersive and jaw-droppingly stunning, Spider-Man effectively blurs the line between virtual and reality. If Transformers is the next evolution of the roving motion-base attraction, we could be in for a incredible treat.
Universal is certainly raising expectations. The park industry is rife with overblown hyperbole, but Universal is promising that Transformers will be a "jewel" in its ride portfolio, that it will include "mega special effects," and that it is destined to become "one of the world's most exciting theme park rides and a centerpiece attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood." Whew. I'm breathless already, and I haven't even boarded the ride.
The park has confirmed that the new attraction will include 3-D imagery. I did notice, however, that Universal's preview renderings show ride passengers without 3-D glasses. Has Universal developed 3-D technology that doesn't require the goofy 3-D glasses? That would transform theme park attractions.
For those of you unfamiliar with the Transformers story, it has something to do with alien good-guy and bad-guy robots, known as Autobots and Decepticons, respectively. They battle it out by blasting one another with laser cannons embedded in their enormous arms and by transforming into trucks, planes, and other weird alter egos. It may not make much sense, but Transformers will undoubtedly provide plenty of material for Universal's hallmark of loud, in-your-face, explosive action.

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