[Share] Make Your Own Trumpet: Step-By-Step Instructions

Here are instructions for two easy to make homemade trumpets. The first can be made with stuff found around the house. The second will require a trip to the hardware store and the music store. At the end of the step-by-step plans you will find basic instructions on how to play your homemade instrument.
Stuff from Home Trumpet
You can find all the stuff for this trumpet in your kitchen:

Step One
Carefully cut the spout off of a two liter soda bottle. You will want the cut part of the bottle to be a little larger than the width of the paper towel tube. The bottle spout will be your trumpet mouthpiece.
Step Two
Tape the spout to the paper towel tube.
Step Three
Roll your construction paper into the shape of a funnel. The small part of the funnel should slide around the end opposite of the mouthpiece. When you have it shaped just right, tape it in place.

Stuff from the Store Trumpet
Perhaps, after experimenting with the trumpet made of stuff you can find around the kitchen, you may like to make a trumpet that is a little closer to the the real thing.

You can find a trumpet mouthpiece on eBay that will work great. The 4' of plastic tubing and metal or plastic funnel can be found at a do-it-yourself hardware store.
Step One
Cut plastic tubing to a length of 4 feet.
Step Two
Insert the moutpiece in one end of the six foot length of tubing and the funnel in the other.
Step Three
Coil the tubing to make it easy to hold and play!
How to Play It
Press your lips together inside the mouthpiece and try buzzing. When you get your buzz just right, a sound will come out of your trumpet.

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